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cheesecakes are nine inches in diameter and serve 12 – 16

Classic Sour Cream

rich and creamy NY style cheesecake with graham cracker crust and tangy sour cream topping



Lemon Curd

similar to classic, this cake is topped with layer of lemon curd



Marble Swirl Fudge

chocolate crust and generous swirls of fudgy chocolate cheese give you classic and chocolate in one bite



Chocolate Caramel

intensely flavored with homemade caramel sauce and bittersweet chocolate, with a chocolate crumb crust



Café Con Leche

coffee lover's dream of two tiered mocha and chocolate fillings with chocolate crust and coffee speckled topping



Greek Yogurt

lighter and less sweet than classic cheesecake but still creamy and satisfying



for Cholov Yisrael cheesecakes, add $15, for Cholov Yisrael babka add $5

Dairy Pastries


Cinnamon Sticky Buns

tray of pull apart of buns made with brioche dough and topped with pecan halves and caramel glaze

one dozen $50


Cheese Babka

rich cross between and cake with creamy cheese filling ,rolled ,twisted into a loaf and topped with streusel crumb

9 inch loaf  $35


classic French macarons filled with buttercream, pistachio, coffee, vanilla

one dozen large $30

Non Dairy Desserts


Chocolate Marble Cheesecake

8 inch round $50


Lemon Tart

lemon sabayon in a pine nut crust

9 inch round $50


Chocolate Bread Pudding

prebaked bread pudding, can be rewarmed

9 inch round $60


Mixed Goodie Box

linzer, chocolate truffle and lime sugar cookies, chocolate chip and pistachio cranberry biscotti, chocolate pecan bars, large resealable box $65

to order email or call Laki at 818-300-7328

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