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Shipping or Traveling with Passover Desserts


If you would like to ship desserts outside of Los Angeles or to take them with you to your holiday destination,  please email or call to inquire.  


Shipping/travel  options:


USPS flat rate 

mini macarons 

double decker brownies


chocolate chip cookie

crinkle cookies

chocolate almond toffee (dairy)

double decker brownie gift box

almond crescents

assorted cookies

paleo friendly loaf cake Flavor  banana

paleo friendly loaf cake Flavor  chocolate cinnamon

overnight at standard Fed Ex rates or packed to travel with you 

chocolate layer log

tweed cake with strawberry sauce

DIY pavlovas

chocolate celebration

strawberry chocolate celebration



dry ice shipping at Fedex rates plus packaging or packed to travel with you 

frozen maple roll

frozen coffee ice cram sandwich

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