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Semifreddo Cakes

Mocha Semifreddo​

frozen sandwich of flourless chocolate cake filled with silky chocolate espresso mousse, glazed with chocolate and decorated with chocolate espresso beans

9 inch round serves 12 - 15 $65

Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse 

decadent and addictive, rich & creamy peanut butter mousse with chocolate glaze and roasted peanuts

9 inch log serves 12-15 $60

12 inch log serves 16 – 22 $85

Frozen Lemon Marshmallow Meringue ​

outrageously delicious take on lemon meringue pie, creamy lemon custard  with a hazelnut cookie crust and a fluffy marshmallow crown

9 inch round serves 12 – 15 $75​

Semifreddo Sampler

Can’t decide? Need to please a range of tastes? This sampler of frozen desserts contains 3 pieces of lemon marshmallow meringue, 3 mocha and 3 chocolate. Each piece is large enough to serve as a generous dessert or to share.

9 pieces $75

Layer Cake

Chocolate Layer Cake

moist chocolate layers with light whipped chocolate filling and fudgy chocolate frosting 

9 inch round serves 12-15 $65

Carrot Layer Cake

made with fresh carrots, frosted with maple cream cheese and decorated with piped carrots or

flowers on request

9 inch round $65

Layer Cake Duo

Do you like carrot cake AND chocolate cake but don’t need two whole cakes? Get 4 extra large slices of each. Use one at a time or to serve a crowd. Each piece can easily serve two people.

8 pieces $65


Banana Muffins

moist banana muffin with soft crumb and savory crumble topping, made with oat, almond and brown rice flours

one dozen muffins $60


Cinnamon Buns ​

tray of pull apart buns made with brioche dough, packaged with confectionary sugar glaze

one tray $50

Babka on a Stick

Baked on a stick and eaten like an ice cream, these appeal to the inner child. This version has a bread like texture and is filled with chocolate paste or cheese.

six babkas on a stick $35

Breakfast Box

assortment of breakfast friendly pastries including marble cake, banana muffins, whole wheat challah rolls and cinnamon buns


Marble Loaf

moist and flavorful vanilla cake with chocolate swirls



Mixed Goody Box

Keep these on hand for snacking, passing or to complement a plated dessert. Large re-sealable box includes linzer sandwich, chocolate truffle, pistachio cranberry biscotti,chocolate chip biscotti, sugar cookies.

about 50 cookies $65

Seasonal ​

Apple Celebration​

Mousse, cake and custard come together in a chocolate covered sculpture that celebrates the season’s keynote fruit.

one piece $10

Fall Fruit Crostada​

beautiful open crostada with a flaky crust, filled with roasted apple, pear and quince 

9 inch round serves 12-15 $60

Apple Babka
brioche like cake filled fresh sliced apples cooked to delicious softness, topped with
streusel crumbs, flavored with cinnamon
9 inch round serves 12-15 $50


Assorted Miniatures

Give yourself a series of small treats or share with friends and family. Total of 18 pieces including eclairs, cream puffs, mini chocolate souffles with chocolate glaze, mini vanilla bundt cake with lemon glaze, micro chocolate fantasy tarts and mini crembos. Mini ware for individual serving available.

18 pieces, $65


Tart Sampler

Sampler includes three lemon meringue, three triple chocolate and three apple tarts. These make an elegant conclusion to a formal dinner and a special treat at any time. 

nine four inch tarts $85


Large Chocolate Chip Cookies

These chocolate chip cookies are dense and filled with chocolate chips. They can be eaten frozen, room temperature or warm. Ideal for individual treats, sharing and gifting.

7 cookies in a kraft box with window $20

Devil's Food Cupcakes

extra large devil’s food cupcakes filled with dairy whipped cream and glazed with chocolate

9 cupcakes $50

Chocolate Straws

crisp puff pastry straws with chocolate filling packaged in individual sleeves

one dozen $35

Chocolate Pudding Pots​

thick, rich and creamy chocolate pudding in a 4 oz glass jar with optional dairy whipped cream

- vegan !!

nine pudding pots $50

Individual Tart

lemon meringue,  triple chocolate or apple tart make an elegant conclusion to a formal dinner

one $12


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