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Freezer Cakes

Frozen Chocolate Maple Roll

maple custard wrapped in a chocolate soufflé roll, topped with fudge glaze and toasted walnuts

serves 12 -14  $75


Frozen Lemon Cream and Hazelnut Torte

four layers of tangy lemon cream sandwiched between hazelnut meringue rounds

8 inches round serves 10-16 $55


Frozen Chocolate Blackberry Bombe

dome of chocolate blackberry mousse on a disc of chocolate cake, glazed with chocolate lacquer

9 inches round serves 14 - 18 $85

Frozen Praline Mousse Cake – dairy only on Passover

creamy praline mousse flavored with coffee liquor on a crunchy almond crust  

10 inches round serves 14-18  $75

Coffee Ice Cream Sandwich Cake – dairy only on Passover

crisp chocolate meringue, creamy coffee semifreddo, chocolate glaze and crunchy coffee praline come together in one spoonful delivering an irresistible combination of texture and flavor

8 inch square serves 12 - 16 $ 85 , larger sizes available on request

Frozen White Chocolate & Hazelnut Dacquoise – dairy only

white chocolate mousse, dark chocolate fudge & hazelnut wafers, glazed in white chocolate, studded with toasted hazelnuts

9 inches long serves 12 generously $85

Layer Cakes

Chocolate Layer Log

six layers of chocolate cake alternated with six layers of whipped chocolate cream

approximately 8 inches long serves 8-12 $55 

Coconut Cake

for coconut lovers, super moist three layer cake with glossy thick white coconut frosting 

4 and a half by 9 inch log serves 8 - 10  $50

9 inch square serves 15 - 20 $85 

Black & White Extravaganza

spectacular layering of chocolate & white cake with chocolate cream and orange mousses for a total of eight layers

8 inch round serves 15 - 20 $75

Chocolate Meringue Mousse Cake

three chocolate meringue layers filled with chocolate mousse and wrapped in chocolate meringue fingers

8 inch round serves 15 - 20 $85 

Paleo Friendly

Banana Loaf​

made with bananas, coconut flour, almond butter and no added sugar, perfect as a breakfast treat or after dinner, on its own or paired with yogurt or warm fruit

9 inch loaf, $40

Chocolate Cinnamon Loaf

simple cake with a deep chocolate flavor and fine crumb, made with almond flour and coconut sugar

9 inch loaf, $40

Tweed Cake 

simple and elegant walnut torte flecked with grated semi-sweet chocolate, packaged with a jar of strawberry rhubarb sauce.

10 inch round serves 12-15, $65

Pastries & Cookies

Parisian Coconut Macaroons

feathery light coconut mounds with bottoms dipped in dark chocolate

approximately 18 large $60



Chocolate French Macarons

rich chocolate filling sandwiched between two airy chocolate cookies

approximately 50 small $65

Chocolate Orange Florentines

delicate crunchy lace cookie flavored with finely chopped candied orange peel, dipped in dark chocolate

32 cookies in a resealable box $50 

Crinkle Cookie

fudgy chocolate cookie, crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, great for children and adults

40 in a medium box $55 



Double Decker Brownies 

luscious chocolate and almond butter layers come together in a dense brownie that is intensely chocolate and not too sweet

16 brownies, $50

Nut Cookie Trio

pecan thumbprint cookie with a frangipane center, walnut cookie dusted with with sugar crystals, chocolate walnut cookie

36 cookies in a  resealable box, $55


Chocolate Chip Biscotti 

made with almond flour, semisweet chocolate chips and olive oil, these are a light and delicious treat on their own or as dessert.

24 large thick biscotti in a medium box, $55

Almond Crescents

chewy almond cookies garnished with slice almonds and dipped in chocolate

baker’s dozen $40 




Chocolate Almond Toffee dairy-only

traditional butter toffee, topped with a thin coating of chocolate and roasted almonds

1 lb box $40 

to order email or call Laki at 818-300-7328

delivery available, pickup in Valley Village

payment methods: venmo Laki Maza, zelle 818-300-7328, cash or check

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